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Established in 1987

Landscaping Services
J G Hall undertake major landscaping contracts for their clients, often transforming overgrown and neglected
gardens into places of beauty. Using materials which are sympathetic to the area and location we have achieved
results which are often beyond our customers expectations.

Preparation of the site is the most important part of any landscaping work We don't just cover up problems.

One of  J G Hall's skilled employees setting out natural railway sleepers to stabilize a hillside garden

Membrane installed, stone laid and the whole area compacted to ensure a long-lasting solution.

 Natural materials compliment the surroundings so that hard landscaping blends with the rest of the garden.



  Stunning results as the garden
  is transformed.

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J G Hall. - Registered office 127 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, Worc's, WR14 2LF